Borgarfjörđur Valley -- Reykholt

Deildartunguhver Hot Springs

Deildartunguhver is Iceland's (and Europe's) largest hot spring. [dwb] 180 liters/second of hot water at approximately 100°C is pumped by pipeline to heat the nearby towns of Borgarnes (34km) and Akranes (64km), and surrounding greenhouses. [jwz]
Was it hot? Just about boiling. Did it smell of sulfur? Wow! [dwb]

Snorri Sturulsson

The famous writer and statesman Snorri Sturluson (1179-1241) lived here. Snorri Sturluson is reputed to have written "Heimskringla"- a history of the kings of Norway and the Poetic Edda which teaches poeticmetres and tales of the heathen gods of Germanic mythology.

This is the well preserved thermal pool from the Middle Ages, where Snorri used to bathe. Snorri Sturluson was murdered in the tunnel which led from here to his house. The entrance to this tunnel is seen in the background. [dwb]
Snorri Sturulsson's farm house and church was located on this land just above the pool.
The National Museum of Iceland is currently conducting an archaeological investigation here. [dwb]

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The Hraunfossar Falls are clear, cold springs that well up through the lava and run in falls and rapids into the Hvítá River.



Barnafoss (The Children's Waterfalls) has been evolving through recorded history, as the river has dug itself down through the lava and runs in a deep and narrow ravine. There used to be a stone arch spanning the river, forming a link between the districts of Hálsasveit and Hvítársíđa.


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Photo Credits:
[jwz] Jim Ziebol, [dwb] Dave Bray.

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