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David passed away on May 11 2017.
His obituary
The Palm OS and Mobile Handheld freeware application listed below are very popular.
These Web Applications are versions of the handheld applications
that are accessed with a web browser by any computer, and many handheld devices, on the internet.
If you like what you see, bookmark the application for future use.

The following Cloud Applications have bookmark customization.
This means any location on earth can be accessed using a saved bookmark.

The following Cloud Applications do not require bookmark customization.
Learn more about these Web Applications
Find the Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, and Moonset for any place on the Earth.
        For the United States it is only a mouse click away.
Formerly hosted on 40-below.com
Palm OS Freeware and Software Development Help
Mobile Freeware
Ewe Enabled Handheld and Desktop Computers
Ewe is free compact variant of Java
1-Wire Network Information
Tellie's Quilts

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