"Waste Not Want Not"

After trying unsuccessful to convince my mini-group to try a quilt using "orphan" blocks, I was challenged to do it myself. My theory was that it was not how you put the blocks next to each other but what you put between that was important. I choose three fabrics, a blue, cream, and reddish print, to be used throughout the quilt. And after that anything was fair game.

I started with a dozen or so totally unrelated blocks. The group made some more blocks to add the mix and I added my own UFOs, and just began to experiment. I cut apart some blocks, tried new techniques and soon the project took on a life of its own. It grew to a full sized quilt.

I laid out the blocks on a bed and played with a section until I was pleased with the look. I then pieced that section and went on to another area, which might or might not adjoin the section I had just finished. Sometimes I made blocks that caught my fancy and other times I made a piece of patchwork to fit a particular area.

The close-ups show some of the variety in the piecing and quilting. I didn't want an overall design, so each block or area was quilted to emphasis the area.

The quilt became a wedding gift for a dear young friend. I told her of the gift but said I would not deliver it until after the wedding because I wanted to photo transfer some photos for the label, which is shown here.

Size is double bed.
Mostly pieced by machine but quilted by hand.

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