"How Does YOUR Garden Grow?"

This wall hanging was a "Keepsake Quilting" challenge completed in April 2002. One of the fabrics in the challenge depicted babies sleeping or sucking thumbs or pacifiers, while nestled in the tops of tulips. I liked the colors and the tulips but not the babies so I used the parts I liked and went from there. When I decided to go Celtic/stained glass the black fabric with bees seemed just right for the bias strips.

For me wall hangings should have dimension, so the bias is threaded with yarn and the flower and buds are well stuffed. A layer of batting was put behind the center and quilting was done just to the batting. Then the whole piece was "sandwiched" in the normal way and the area not yet quilted was quilted. There is no quilting on the outside "border".

Finally some of the quilting lines were beaded and the flowers, leaves, buds and center design were outlined with beads. A bit of fabric glitter was added as highlights to the flower, buds and leaves. See details below.

All work done by hand. Size 30" by 30"

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