Celestial Gardens from Rosey-fingered Dawn to Inky Night

Size 45" by 63"
All work was done by hand.

One day when I felt the need to try something entirely different, I began to cut pieces with Connie Broy's "Spin-Ruler". I laid them out as instructed and stood back and said "That doesn't do it, that's just triangles with curved sides." So I began rearranging the pieces and adding to layout, all the time learning more about the geometry of the piece. When I had sections that pleased me I began sewing the pieces together, with no end product in mind. Eventually I learned to resize the piece and more units emerged. Somewhere along the line the theme emerged and the piece took on a life of its own. And the challenge became how to connect the sections while continuing to use the same curved piece. I squared it all off and began to search for a border fabric, after several months I gave that up and looked to another solution, and hit upon the present idea. Continuing the design out to a new edge meant drawing the design out in full size and cutting it up for templates. I let the top rest for several months while contemplating how it should be quilted, an overall design was never an option. Outline of the flowers and using the "Spin-Ruler" to echo the curve of the pieces seemed obvious but other areas took a lot of thought.

The vast majority of the curves were pieced but sometimes applique was needed to properly tame a curve. The portions of appliqued roses were added after the quilting was begun and I felt they were needed.

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