LocEdit Application for Ewe
An Editor for Location Data CSV Files

Version 1.0*


LocEdit is an application for Ewe¹ enabled computers to edit Location Data CSV files. These files store information about physical locations on Earth. Location Data CSV files are used by most of the applications available on the Bray Mobile Applications web page.

These files stores the following data about each Earth location:

Why LocEdit

Location Data CSV files are simple text files which can be editied by any ASCII text editor. As such, an editor for these file is not needed. However, text file editors on Mobile (handheld) computers are not necessarily readily availiable, and may not be easy to use.
Thus LocEdit is provided. It has several special operations and conversion functions not usually found in text editors.

Sections In This Documentation


Since you are reading this documentation, you have found that the locedit10.zip archive contains:

Included Location Data CSV Files

WARNING -- Without a doubt some of these data are inaccurate!!!

They are only to help you to get your personal database started. Use this data as an estimate ONLY! Check it if it matters!

CSV Data FileComment
World.csvAll the data
NoAmerica.csvAll of Canada/Mexico/USA
Europe.csvLatitudes > 35N and 24W < Longitude < 50E
NonNoAmerica.csvAll of the rest of the world
NonNAEast.csvSubsets of NonNA data

These files have been sorted so that it is easier to find locations of interest.

It is expected that you will create your personal location file by cuting out lines of these data files with a text editor and combine them into one or more files for use with the Bray Mobile Applications. See more on Creating Location Data CSV Personalized Files below. Be sure you sort edited files.


The locedit10.zip archive also contains LocEdit.ewe. You should store LocEdit.ewe in the same directory as your other Ewe applications and the Location Data CSV files. Be sure that you do not replace your own Location Data CSV files when copying the file in locedit10.zip.

LocEdit Screen

Using the Program

A LocEdit screen is shown to the right.
The control button are:

Creating Location Data CSV Personalized Files

To create your own Location Data CSV file(s) all that is needed is to cut out lines of text from any of the Location Data CSV files and paste them into your file. You should use any text editor.
Beware that CSV files are an acceptable format for Excel. However, DO NOT use Excel to create or edit them since all the latitude, longitude formats are not known to Excel and it will modify them incorrectly without giving an error message!

After you have pasted all the records into your file, you must sort them into Name alphabetic order. It is best to do this with LocEdit, so there is no confusion about the character order in the sort software.

After your personal location file is created you can use LocEdit to add new locations.

Details of the Format of Location Data CSV Files

The format of a Location Data CSV files is as follows:
  • Each text line of the file is a record.
  • Each field of a record is separated by a ',' (comma). Thus the name 'Comma Separated Value'.
  • The field contents are as follows:
    1. Name
    2. Latitude -- Three possible formats
    3. Latitude Hemisphere -- N (Northern) or S (Southern), above or below the equator
    4. Longitude -- Three possible formats
    5. Longitude Hemisphere -- E (Eastern) or W (Western), east or west from Greenwich
    6. Elevation -- Application defined units, not used in Riseset.
    7. Time Zone -- Three possible formats
    8. Time Zone Hemisphere -- E (Eastern) or W (Western)
    9. Daylight Time Code -- Digit

    Details About each Field of a Record