Convert Application for Ewe
Version 1.0*


Main Convert Display Convert -- A Unit Conversion Calculator.
Convert is an application for Ewe enabled computers to convert values from one unit to another.

To use this version of Convert you must install a Ewe¹ VM (Virtual Machine) on your computer. Ewe is a version of Java which runs on a variety of desktop and handheld computers. It is very compact and efficient. It uses only about 2 Mbytes of memory.
To learn more about Ewe please read the introduction on the Bray Mobile Applications page.

Convert has 13 categories of units. Each of which has a number of possible conversions. These are:

The abbreviations for these units are those in common usage, but it is difficult to be "standard". A complete list is given below. See Abbreviations.

We hope you find Convert a useful adjunct to your Mobile and Desktop applications.

About This Documentation

For a Quick Start read Installation. Then after trying it out please return to this documentation to learn more.


Since you are reading this documentation, you have found that the archive contains, this documentation, and the file Convert.ewe, the application. To install Convert simply copy the file Convert.ewe as instructed below.

The first thing to do is to install the Ewe VM on your computer(s), if not already installed. Follow the instruction found on the Ewe Download and Installation Page for your computer. The Ewe installer will create directories on your computer and put the Ewe VM files in them. After Ewe is installed find the Ewe directory. For example, in a Windows Desktop it will be where you told the installer to install it, and in the Pocket PC it will (probably) be in /Windows/StartMenu/Programs/Ewe. Specifically, it is the directory in which you find 'ewe.ewe'. ewe.ewe is the Ewe Launcher. Use of Ewe Launcher is not mandatory for the Windows and Pocket PC operating system. However please read Changing Display Font below.

There is no installer for Convert.ewe, it can be put in any directory of your choice. However it is recommended that you put it in the directory with the Ewe VM as discussed above. If you put all of your applications in this directory, when you add additional applications from Bray Mobile Applications common files can be shared.

There is also no uninstaller for Convert. It does not use the operating system registry, so nothing is hidden. To remove Convert, simply delete: Convert.ewe, and Convert.ini.

Note: No matter what Regional settings are used on your computer(s), Convert always uses the '.' (period) as the decimal point, the ':' (colon) as the hour/minute/second separator, and the ',' (comma) as the data separator.

Convert should be ready to run now. Find Convert.ewe with your File Explorer, click on it to try it out!

Using Convert

When you first open Convert you see the display to the right. Referring to it, you see:
Unit Pull-Down Convert Startup Display
To convert a kilometer per hour value to a mile per hour value:
  1. Press Unit Category selector (top most selector) down-arrow to select: Velocity,
  2. enter a value, say 66.2, in the top Value Input/Answer line,
  3. change the top Unit Selector to say km/h (kilometers per hour),
  4. change the bottom Unit Selector to say mph (miles per hour),
  5. press Convert.

In the Value Input/Answer line above mi 41.135 will appear. If the number of decimal places shown is not sufficient use the Decimals menu.

A value to be converted can be entered in either the top or bottom Value Input/Answer line, and the result will appear in the other value line above the selected unit name.
There are two exceptions: Dates and Degrees. These are discussed below.

Tools In addition to converting a value, some tools are also provided. When a value is in either input/answer area, holding the pen (or pressing right mouse button) on it two or three possible actions can be done.

A second holding of the pen (or pressing right mouse button) on it will give a menu to allow cut/copy/paste.


The Menu button row has 2 menus:

Using the Degrees and Dates Categories

Unlike the other categories, the Dates and Degrees categories have different unit selections for the top and bottom input/answer areas.
This unit category allows conversion on a date value in the input/answer area by:
Date values placed in either input/answer area may be in any of the following formats:
Usage rules for the selected bottom unit:

This unit category allow conversion of degrees or hour values into alternate formats or allows the addition or subtraction of degrees or hours in the allowable formats.
The input value placed in either the top or bottom input area must be in any of the formats: The answer value in the bottom area can be any of the above formats or a result as follows:
Usage rules:

Accuracy Warning

Do not use Convert for high accuracy conversion.
The conversion values used are taken from many different sources. Thus their accuracy cannot guaranteed.
Also, because of the general method used for the conversion, most conversion are done with two calculations. This adds computer number system and rounding inaccuracies.

If you need very accurate unit conversion. Find another computer program to do the conversions. Do not use Convert for high accuracy..

Changing Display Font

The default font is 'Courier New' with a size of 15 points. This font was chosen because it has a fixed character width (monospaced font), and thus displays lined-up data columns. It is available in both the Windows and Pocket PC operating systems. However, not all operating supported by Ewe have that font defined. Thus the display for those operating systems may not be easily readable.

To solve this problem a menu item has been added: Use EweVM Font. When this is selected the font used is that of the Ewe Launcher. This is explained next.

In Convert Tap 'Help' then tap 'Use EweVM Font'. Nothing will happen. Exit Convert. Next time you restart Convert, the display will use the Ewe Vm font. If the font is not to your liking, run the Ewe Launcher: ewe.ewe. It is located in the directory in which you installed Ewe. That is discussed in: Installation above.

To change the Ewe VM font in the Ewe Launcher, click on the 'VM Options' tab. Select the font and size you want. Save it. Selecting a monospaced font will look the best. Once this is done restart Convert.

Ewe Launcher also allows you to change the style of the display buttons. You might want to check this out.

Abbreviation List

atm atmosphere
bbl barrel
Btu/hr British thermal unit per hour
Btu British thermal unit
C Celsius
cm/s centimeter per second
cm centimeter
cm square centimeter
cm cubic centimeter
F Fahrenheit
ft/min foot per minute
ft/s foot per second
ft foot
ft square foot
ft cubic foot
g gram
ha hectare
hp horsepower
hph horsepower-hour
impGal Imperial gallon
in inch
in square inch
in cubic inch
inH2O inch of water
inHg inch of mercury
K Kelvin
kCal/hr kilogram calorie per hour
kCal kilogram calorie
kg kilogram
kJ/hr kilojoule per hour
kJ kilojoule
km/h kilometer per hour
km kilometer
kPa kilopascal
kW kilowatt
kWh kilowatt-hour
l liter
lb pound
m/minmeter per minute
m/s meter per second
m meter
m square meter
m cubic meter
mbar millibar
mg milligram
mH2O meter of water
mph mile per hour
mm millimeter
mmHg millimeter of mercury
nm nautical mile
oz ounce
psi pounds per square inch
pt pint
qt quart
R Rankine
rod square rod
tbsp tablespoon
tsp teaspoon
usGal US gallon
yd square yard
yd cubic yard

Contact Information

Convert was created by David W. Bray, Potsdam, NY
Copyright © David W. Bray 2006, All Rights Reserved.

The Bray Mobile Applications Page can be found at:


Convert is freeware -- no registration is required. We hope you enjoy using it.
I would appreciate receiving e-mail about what computer(s) you are using Convert on, and any other feedback and suggestions you would like to share with me. Find Email address here.

This archive may be freely redistributed, provided it is made available only in its complete, unmodified form with no additional files and for noncommercial purposes only.
Any other use must have prior written authorization from David W. Bray.

Unauthorized commercial use includes, but is not limited to:


This program is provided without warranty and the user accepts full responsibility for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost funds or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this application.

Foot Notes

¹ Ewe is developed by Michael L. Brereton. We are indebted to him for his outstanding software product and making it freely available. Thank you Michael!

*Changes in Version 1.0

Convert Version 1.0 Bld:632 differs from original Version 1.0 Bld:616 in:
  1. New Date format added. (V1.0 Bld:632)
  2. A popup calendar added to Date units tools. (V1.0 Bld:632)
  3. Current Unit category and unit items saved for next startup. (V1.0 Bld:632)
  4. Fixed bug in Convert startup routine. (V1.0 Bld:634)

To be sure that your version is up-to-date check the Bld: number in the current description of Convert at:

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