Snæfellsnes Peninsula and Snæfellsjökull Glacier

Djúpalónssandur Inlet

A very old fishing inlet. [cjs]
[egb]A sod house built into the cliffs. [egb]
Near the Inlet -- a Drive-in Crater,   [cjs] and a Volcano Cone.   [jwz]

Arnarstapi Fishing Community

Birds, birds, everywhere birds [jwz].

Village of Hellissandur

A small fishing museum [dwb].
At 11:30 pm the sun sets on the Snæfellsjökull Glacier and our Hotel. [jwz]11:49 pm. [jwz]

Snæfellsjökull Glacier

Looking from the south.[dwb]From Hellissandur. [jwz]
From Hellissandur. [jwz]From Hellissandur. [jwz]

Bjarnarhöfn --- Historic Church

A farm house was on the location that this picture was taken in the 800's. A church has been on this site since the farm was built. This current church was built in 1820's. It has been visited by Cardinals from Rome. [dwb] The painting was a gift from a Dutch seaman who was rescued in the 15th Century off shore at this farm. [jwz]
This chalice is inscribed in a very early Roman language -- it thus dates from the 1000's. [dwb] This is was made in the 1400's. Each candle holder is removable. [dwb]
The Farmer Owner and Kristín drinking Shark Schnapps, an ancient local beverage consisting of shark which is put in a box buried and left for three months to age (i.e. ferment and rot) and schnapps. [cjs]

Southern Coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula

A Crater. [dwb]See the woman standing in the waterfall. [dwb]
The ever present Church. [dwb]Rare brown sand behind the Church. [dwb]
This group of horse back riders have been traveling for two weeks. They are waiting for supper to be delivered. Each rider has four horses. They plan to travel another two weeks. [jwz]

Photo Credits:
[cjs] Carol Sundeen, [egb] Tellie Bray, [jwz] Jim Ziebol, [dwb] Dave Bray.

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