People on the Tour

Kristín and Hally
Our trusty bus for this 1400 mile trip. It was brand new. [dwb]
Joe Sundeen, Carol Sundeen, Tellie Bray [dwb]
Audrey and Jim Ziebol [dwb]
Doug O'Brien and Kristín Sætran [dwb]
Audrey Ziebol, Barbara and Doug O'Brien [jwz]
Barbara O'Brien [arz]
Leslie Palmer, Warren Spanutius, Jim Ziebol [arz]
Dave and Tellie Bray, Joe Sundeen [cjs]
Tellie and Dave Bray [arz]
Pauline Atkinson, Vicky Ward and Doug O'Brien [arz]
Telly Bray, Pauline Atkinson and Vicky Ward [arz]
Barbara Johnson [arz]
Susan Lowe and Edith Schulz [arz]
Bill and Betsy Tuel [jwz]

Photo Credits:
[arz] Audrey Ziebol, [cjs] Carol Sundeen, [jwz] Jim Ziebol, [dwb] Dave Bray

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