Dettifoss and Įsbyrgi

Dettifoss -- Most Powerfull Waterfall in Europe

Awesome! [jwz]
[dwb] [jwz]
Raging Water [jwz]
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[jwz] [jwz]
Some of us were brave -- it is only 150 ft down to the water!
Good job Audrey. [dwb]
The water flow of 193 cubic meters/second is 50,990 gallons per second!. [jwz]

Įsbyrgi -- The Horseshoe Canyon

The horseshoe-shaped canyon of Įsbyrgi extends about 2 miles and averages about 0.6 miles in width and 300 feet in depth at its head.

The early Norse settlers believed that Óšinn's normally airborne horse Slęttur, accidentally touched down on earth and left one very large hoofprint to prove it.

Geologists believe that the canyon was created by an eruption of the Grķmsvötn caldera beneath distant Vatnajökull. It released an immense 'jökulhlaup', wihch ploughed northward down the Jökulsį į Fjöllum river and gouged out the canyon in a matter of three days or less.


Photo Credits:
[jwz] Jim Ziebol, [dwb] Dave Bray.

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