Akureyri Area

A bus tour through the farm lands of northern Iceland, the Skagafjördur area, to Akureyri.

Icelandic horses have long been linked to the Skagafjördur region. The first horse to be mentioned in the Sagas landed at Kolkuós in Skagafjördur. It was a mare named Fluga -- a fine horse whose days came to a tragic end in the Blönduhlíd marsh (now called Flugumýri). The people of Skagafjördur enjoy the reputation of being the best of Iceland's horse breeders.
A contrast in farmland. The only thing constant in the scenery were the bales of hay. [dwb] [jwz]

The Sveinbjarnargerdi Farmhouse

The farmhouse where we stayed.
Wonderful food. [jwz]
View of the Akureyri Fjord from the farmhouse. [dwb]
A nearby farm. [dwb] Close up -- its hay is collected. [jwz]
Another beautiful midnight sun set. [jwz]

Downtown Akureyri

Audrey and Jim with friends. [jwz]

Photo Credits:
[jwz] Jim Ziebol, [dwb] Dave Bray.

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