Galapagos Islands
March 22 - March 26, 2001

North Seymour Island

Photographs Taken By Those Who Took The Trip

The Isabella II with a sea bird fishing, a Zoniac on its way and another Zodiac landing.

A Zodiac landing with a greeting seal.   (Bray)

Blue Footed Boobies.   (Mead)

Blue Footed Boobies.   (Freund and Bray)

Land Iguanas and our Naturalist Jorge.   (Freund)

Land Iguanas up close and personal.   (Freund and Bray)

Kissing seals.   (Freund)

A sunning seal and another bird fishing.   (Bray)

Pelicans as seen from the Isabella II.   (Bray)

Photo Credits:
(Bray) Dave and Tellie Bray
(Freund) Kurt and Pat Freund
(Mead) Tony and Cynthia Mead

Last updated August 3, 2001.

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