Machu Picchu and Aquas Caliente
March 28 - March 31, 2001

Photographs Taken By Those Who Took The Trip

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu -- West side.   (Bray)
Machu Picchu -- East side.   (Bray)
End of the Inca Trail from Cuzco.   (Bray)Inca Terraces.   (Bray)
Inca Terraces.   (Mead)Inca Terraces And Quarry.   (Mead)
Inca Quarry in the Foreground.   (Mead)Inca Dwellings.   (Mead)
Close Up of Dwellings.   (Bray)Western edge of the Dwellings.   (Bray)
Our guide.   (Bray)Chief lawn mower resting.   (Bray)

Aquas Caliente
The railroad terminal town near Machu Picchu

Our deluxe service railroad car.   (Rector)
Town Square   (Bray)Walk to the Hot Spring.   (Bray)
The "shopping center" near our hotel.   (Rector) Downtown.   (Bray)
A Shack across the street from our 3+ star Hotel
-- at least 5 people live here.
Priceless view from the Shack -- Raging Water   (Bray)
Dinnertime entertainment at our hotel.   (Freund)

Photo Credits:
(Bray) Dave and Tellie Bray
(Freund) Kurt and Pat Freund
(Mead) Tony and Cynthia Mead
(Rector) Phil and Carolyn Rector

Last updated August 7, 2001.

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