Valley of the Incas and Cuzco
March 28 - March 31, 2001

Photographs Taken By Those Who Took The Trip

Valley of the Incas
Near Cuzco

The Valley and river.   (Rector)

The Valley and Pisac with Agraves in the foreground.   (Mead)

Market at Pisac   (Mead)

A stop for lunch.   (Freund) One of the fountians.   (Mead)


Cuzco from Saqsaywaman   (Mead)

Cathedral Square Cuzco   (Mead)

Saqsaywaman Temple   (Mead)

Saqsaywaman Temple   (Bray)

Group Photos

The group at dinner in our Cuzco hotel.   (Rector)

Photo Credits:
(Bray) Dave and Tellie Bray
(Freund) Kurt and Pat Freund
(Mead) Tony and Cynthia Mead
(Rector) Phil and Carolyn Rector

Last updated August 6, 2001.

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